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15+ Asphalt Compaction Testing Methods Pictures

15+ Asphalt Compaction Testing Methods Pictures. An innovative method relating asphalt permittivity to density. 1.1 this test method covers the compaction of asphalt mix into cylindrical specimens using the superpave gyratory compactor (sgc).

Compaction - Pavement Interactive
Compaction - Pavement Interactive from pavementinteractive.org
This test method is identical to as 2891.2.2 except for the following amendments: Furthermore, the standard test methods that are used to specify the desired properties of an asphalt binder must be conducted with very careful temperature control; The superpave gyrator compactor (sgc) is used to compact hot mix asphalt (hma) mixture simulating field compaction using road rollers.

¨ phase angle of 86o is an easily identifiable.

Conditioned 2 hours at field compaction temperature. Candidate methods for determining mixing & compaction temperatures. To realize the continuous compaction control (ccc) of asphalt pavement during construction, continuous detection method was investigated for the compaction degree the results showed that continuous compaction detection can be achieved based on positioning system and vibration analysis. Some methods and materials require adding coarse native material back into the final specimen.

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