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46+ Sap Cloud Platform Architecture PNG

46+ Sap Cloud Platform Architecture PNG. Sap cloud platform is a cloud service provided by sap based on platform as a service (paas) to develop and deploy custom web applications. The functionality for our customers will remain unchanged.

SAP Analytics Cloud Connectivity & Modeling - An Overview ...
SAP Analytics Cloud Connectivity & Modeling - An Overview ... from cdn.visualbi.com
Accenture's sap cloud services and solutions help businesses transform their core operations and drive continuous business innovation at scale. Sap has been such a great promoter of newer technologies and platforms, but some just vanish in a wink of an eye. Sap is responsible for managing complete infrastructure of this platform including hardware servers, maintenance cost, component upgrades, and system lifecycle.

The sap cloud platform sdk includes platform api jars, a local runtime for testing, documentation, samples, and the sap cloud platform console client.

However, the integration and extension capabilities of sap cloud platform will continue to be available as products and services under sap integration suite and sap extension suite. Learn about sap cloud platform in detail and also build & deploy your own applications in sap. With its unique hybrid architecture, appseconnect empowers businesses to utilize their existing resources, systems, technologies, and data and streamline their business operations in order to increase their productivity and efficiency. Wait a few seconds while the app is added to your tenant.

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