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Get Beluga Aircraft Chester Pics

Get Beluga Aircraft Chester Pics. Airbus has five beluga aircraft used to transport parts across europe. This footage is being managed exclusively by newsflare.

The Beluga - Chester Chronicle
The Beluga - Chester Chronicle from i2-prod.chesterchronicle.co.uk
One of the most useful features of the airbus beluga is it's massive cargo space. The distinctive aircraft, that has been given a smiley face because it looks like a beluga whale, made its first appearance in the uk as part of its testing programme. Beluga xl performed its maiden flight in july 2018.

This footage is being managed exclusively by newsflare.

Airbus beluga cargo transporter aeroplane. Beluga xl transport aircraft programme was launched in november 2014. Ciocca chevrolet of west chester | your downingtown. All beluga aircraft operate with a crew of three that includes two pilots and a loadmaster.

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